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1. Standard Dial-up - Pay-As-You-Go service

Asupport's solutions is a great way to connect to the internet for first time users. This service has no initial fees, ongoing subscription charges or minimum time commitment so you can first explore the internet and then continue to use it for what you've found useful.

Following are dialup software for Pay-As-You-Go service. We have obtained few for you to chose from. Why spend hours on sign-up screen, when you can be online with these dialup numbers and software.

NicNames - No CLI  required - Business solution Freedom2Surf - CLI required.
UserID: Asupport
Password: Asupport
UserID: Asupport
Password: Asupport
Dialup No: 0845 638 9212 Dialup No: 0845 604 2079

Following are Dialup supplied by BTClick via different Virtual ISP providers - CLI required.

BTClick NatWest Online DellNet
UserID: BT Click
Password* :
UserID: BT Click
Password* :
UserID: BT Click
Password* :
Dialup No: 0845 6091300 Dialup No: 0845 6091332 Dialup No: 0845 6091314

* Enter 'BT Click' in the 'username' field and leave the password field blank.

Charges Local 0845 numbers * Prices per minute.
* Minimum call charge of 5p applies.
* Based on BT's local call rates.
* Charges apply to access from BT Residential / Business

CLI - Means that your phone must supply Caller Line Identity
  Weekend 1p
  Evening 1.5p
  Daytime 4p

BT's current Select Services such as Call Minder, RingBack, etc. will still be available on your phone line. However, when you are connected to the internet, you will want to disable Call Waiting as the network tone generated will corrupt or disconnect you. Call Waiting can be disabled by pressing #43# on your phone and re-enabled by pressing *43#. RingBack cannot be used to access the BT Click service.

Don't forget to disconnect when you go offline, just select the 'disconnect' option on the connection icon at the bottom right of your screen.

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